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Related article: Date : Fri, September 25, 2009 October 49th 44 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Doreen McKenna u003cdmacken316 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Nifty New Warning : This story is fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between women. If this type of content to be offended, or if you are under 18 years is not read. Note N Author : Preteen Photos This is the property of the author. You can n download personal reading pleasure or Send to a friend, but if you want you can go back on your own website, please contact the author permission. Doreen Copyright 2009, All rights reserved. Please send dmacken316 yahoo. com, if suggestions for future stories. Brooke buys a car The winter was long and Brooke just turned 19th in your old car just died a couple of weeks, though that was the service was held on 200th 000 miles. The transmission died, and the mechanic s said that the cost of parts and work would be better used as a down payment large n used. In the last two years, while co-arrives had saved $ 3 500th He gave the down payment, but Brooke need help choosing a car. live off campus in a large apartment, they found, which is much better than the campus, and is enjoy a position in a couple of passions and keep school life to separate their private life. Brooke is a great company to work full time and part-time time he received a partial scholarship and his father it pays part of your living expenses. while taxes time, works part time for a tax preparer and almost IRS 1040 for the people. Long ago, she decided not lie forms a reputation and became his city. One thing that Brooke likes to do, fuck the other women. Her measurements are 36-29-28 D with breasts cup size. She is 5 feet 6 inches high, with a huge collection of toys and has learned to use. return dreamed of the day and Tina Casey helped to experience something new. When Brooke, for the first time they had sexThe middle school in a boring seminar on what to to keep your legs closed until she married. Remember the day Casey leaned over and said if she does not want to wait, they can show that her to have sex and not pregnant. A little surprised, he decided, at least You will hear more about it. On this day, while walking home Casey, said that sex with a woman with a dildo. Casey had an older cousin, named Tina, who seduced n of a few weeks ago and loved it. When it was curled toes Tina and practiced a number of times. Casey explained that an extension to s the third partner wanted, so I would not suspect. Tina 14 years of age. Casey and Brooke made ​​plans, Tina, to meet the on Friday night. Brooke had no idea what to wear dresses underwear, she has a beautiful soft plush that but you can wear under your skirt. If you have arrived on the evening of Friday, he met Casey, and that went to Tina 's house. Tina lived on the edgeof in a big house that she lived with her parents and a housewife. But she was always alone on Friday because no one was ever home that day. When he arrived, he asked Tina if she wanted anything wine or a pot. Brooke your credit is not high and not the intention. went to Tina 's room and although s started a little slow and awkward, the three girls had the type of orgasm that put the toes. A noise outside his dream ended as it began n. They were sometimes date guys, but the woman of his choice. You had no idea how to buy a car, which was the old hand me down from Mom. He called his father n , he admitted, not mechanically inclined. dad suggested that for a car, go by is used Superstore. He bought his last two trucks there and was pleased with the sales and service. opened his Preteen Photos laptop, opened a a spreadsheet to calculate the number of cars they could afford to pay month. Surprised they would have to another 1 $ 500decided to deceive the seller to see if it would be a break. nice lingerie and a short skirt and tight blouse, stockings with a garter belt elected and 3 inches heels. that hated heels, but her look back large. It should be noted that Brooke had no fat in them, and stay in shape by walking and having sex a lot. On arrival at the car dealership was assigned to a woman Sales called Jo. Of course I asked in a plan B for the first $ 500th Jo was looking hot, 29, had appeared 5 feet 5 inches tall and was a 36-22 - 38 DD- cup breasts, really. Jo and Brooke went to a computer station to check their needs and views of the action of the cars. chatted for a while Jo was able to pick up a few cars in the price range. way through the crowd, who came to the first car. The color was not what I wanted, but it was a great model. The second car was what they wanted, the color was large, but the price was $ 1 More than 000 could afford. Jo offered a testunit, the keys were obtained and forth. During the trip, Brooke tells Jo that the car was great, but was a bit pricey, and wondered how you could get a discount. Brooke joked : " 'If a man take his place , put him back home from a no- haggle to get off. ' ' This is surprising, Jo, as she often vendors slept with female customers. Of course that has heard of this client one. Jo was bi -sexual men and women have n and in most cases would be a long time women spend in bed. A disadvantage of the men they could cum only once. A couple of guys go down on them but most do not. He left with a few boys and girls n on a regular basis. A man named Tim, Jo was picked best male friend. Injured in the military during a mission suffered in permanent erectile dysfunction. It s still in the Army, stationed nearby. Jo believe n you wear a belt - and taught to eat Preteen Photos pussy. Could he really artificialTool ! Sometimes he spent hours in bed. A girl named Juana had fixed date. Joan spend hours exploring each other and also used to meet sexual encounters Fantasy. Jo joked again, " It's a shame they do not like women. " Ve Preteen Photos Brooke an opening, said: " Is there a place about one cup of coffee to get. " Jo, 'said: " Turn right at next light. " Brooke was not sure whether the audit was to get in the way to follow the instructions. Turn, which was a residential street, Jo aimed at the park in a parking lot. Jo lived alone in an apartment complex. While Jo Brooke was squeezed thighs. for Brooke, it was the clearest sign that the n the vehicle was parked and secured. Jo and Brooke n chatted until she entered the apartment. if Jo enjoyed a good time in bed, she liked to have meet your partner. Jo and Brooke went to the kitchen to make coffee. Jo has this amazing espresso machine, and this n le remembered a coffee in Italy. There was a few minutes both new double espresso the way to the living room, talked a little over and sat on the couch, asked about Jo relations and your sex life. Jo turned and hugged her. Returning the hug he gave her ass a squeeze. stroking together, talk about how we both learned love women. If Jo was younger and in high school that, on some guys and learned a lot like sex. that attended an all girl school, but from the child from a nearby high school. Ironically, his parents in the schools sent their daughters ' sexual activity. Is When 16 years, had to have an operation for a torn cartilage in the knee. The day before the the operation had spent the night with a child and had great sex and that was her first anal experience. She was still sore as he prepared for the proceedings to the Doctor saw the redness and asked me what happened. Jo, of course, tried to lie, but Dr. WANo s stupid! After the procedure, apply the solution is was easily torn cartilage on MRI, , but actually it was a nerve that wraps around n the area. Jo stood on his feet in a few days, and the doctor has requested a follow-up. The doctor was an openly lesbian ! One thing led a others, and they were together for several years. In exchange, the two remained stroking to each other more and more. The first kiss began to as a soft brush on the lips, but soon their tongues intertwined and hands roamed bold and bold. Brooke was the shape of the room, Jo took them there. Jo and Brooke was in bed and then a kiss. Jo 's hand was Brookes rock shortly after, so gently rub her pussy Brooke cum hand very quickly. Jo moved to explore sex with Brooke kisses, tongue and licks his fingers. Brooke was enjoying in mere ecstasy and put back in love. Brooke needed that flavor wonwonderful woman, that s, and reached more lying face it, , kissed for a long time. Brooke enjoyed wine tasting Jo 's lips. Reaching the other blouse, while mutually caressed her breasts in her bra. Jo Brookes removed blouse. Jo wearing the work uniform pants and a sweater. The company frowned tight clothing for Jo Brooke had some surprises for learning. Brooke had agreed on a huge bra, panties, retainer clip closure had before, and was na easy to remove. With beautiful breasts and areolas are much darker shade to s of the skin. Panties Brooke could also solve every page! It was clear that Brooke was on the afternoon of sex! With Brooke naked, she hinted that he wanted to tongue fucking her pussy at first. Jo was happy to oblige, , and settled in legs Brooke. He spent some time licking and stroking and moaning all the time Brooke cum. Jo Brooke had to play more, came adown n and pulled her up and put it on the bed. The sweater went very easy to stop a black exquisite touch satin cami allowed. Brooke Jo spent time rubbing her nipples and made them rock hard for the material. Jo Brooke wanted to put their pants and attack, with the ease n. Among them, he discovered a black satin lingerie must have been a set. As Brooke to Jo 's legs she sucked and made panties wet. He took off ! Worn Jo Brooke again with her ​​pussy and the groaning Jo told her she did a perfect job exhausted, they returned to embrace. Jo s clear that they had the car back to the dealership. Brooke asked to stay behind and that again soon! Jo quickly moved back into the car and returned for the bedroom. Brooke had fallen asleep and Jo woke her to lick her pussy. Jo was next to the bed and went to her closet for a strap on dildo. Brooke had seen many dildos and harnessesbefore, but this was three appendices. Jo explained that the tape contains an anal fuck Jo No vaginal plugs, and an 8-inch dildo with Brooke. He had the advantage, as Jo fucked Brooke, Jo to enjoy their own set of sugar emotions. Brooke realized that Jo will help, and slept with him when needed Jo, anal and vaginal insertions entered , and Jo was tied. Jo was very well endowed ! Brooke had hose and heels in and decided to mount Jo. When the wave carried her to on the beat, while down. She saw for the first time hand how the clever use of Jo kept moaning. Finally, Brooke was exhausted and needed rest, , both huddled together for a long time. Then she went back to wearing the dealership. Jo was off $ 2 000 for Brooke. Brooke and Jo would meet once a week for great romp in bed.
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